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Your Imager is our focus


To an untrained eye a photo is a photo. To an automotive photographer each image is unique in it’s form and format. With car photography every click of the shutter offers the opportunity to perfectly capture a vehicles purpose and personality. It is far more than simply pointing a camera at a car and hoping for a great shot.


The professional car photographer uses lighting, location and technical expertise to make the car look desirable. Automotive photography turns the car into the star of the show.


The photographer has to understand cars and what it takes to make them look great.They can’t rely on the car itself to make the shot great either.

In fact the quality of the car has little to do with the quality of th photo. Having an Aston Martin doesn’t guarantee a good image.

It’s up to the automotive photographer to create a winning photo.





The creation of a winning photo requires in-depth knowledge of automotive photography and plenty of experience. A professional automotive photographer must focus on the proper look or style to set to set each automotive image apart from he next.


They must start with a concept. They consider what the goal of the image will be. Should the images emphasise…







Other aspects include, composition, movement, lighting and processing. We must find an ideal place for the shot the will emphasise the cars appeal and not distract from it.

Final Result

The automotive photographer must also select the right time of day and lighting. In final processing they must apply the best techniques to achieve an optimal final result that will make the car lookout’s best.

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