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Plate Up!

Great food photography has the power to conjure up tastes and aromas, evoke memories, and of course, make your mouth water!


From recipes to packshots, we’re passionate about photographing food and creating images that catch the eye and tantalise the tastebuds.

Looks Amazing

Your food looks amazing, and it tastes incredible.  So how do you communicate this with a photograph?  This is where Bespoke Imagery comes in.  Being able to translate the odours and flavours of fine food through beautiful lighting and composition is an art, but it is no less than your food deserves.

Hungry For More

As a restauranteur, hotel chef, manufacturer or food blogger, you need images of your produce and creations that make your customers salivate.  You need images that jump off the page.  With multiple background options and a wide variety of styling accessories and tricks of the trade, we can create mouth-watering, seductive images that make your clients hungry for more…


When on location with our clients shooting their food, we tether our camera to the MacBook so the images can be viewed instantly in super clarity.


Using industry standard software (Capture One) we can adjust, crop, balance and even change colours.  We can also overlay a magazine or other design to that the photograph can be adapted to its ultimate use.

As part of our Food Photography service, we will bring along studio lighting and modifiers too, all in the pursuit of superb food photography.

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